Information Matri Co., Ltd.

Information Matrix is a pioneering IT solutions provider in Myanmar for government ministries, business enterprises and educational institution. We provide our clients with a comprehensive array of internet-based services and solutions, including web design, web hosting, application development, e-government & e-commerce strategies and related consulting services.

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Internet Journal

Internet Journal is the leading IT journal in Myanmar, focusing on the latest technology news, hardware and software reviews, IT industry developments in local and international markets, gaming and electronics.

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Planet Myanmar

Planet Web portal launched in June 2002. Planet makes this possibility a reality for Myanmar internet users to go globally interactive with friends and form social networks. This is a place where internet users can explore, interact and work together electronically, from home or office or a park. When everything is globalized, business dealings or knowledge sharing, your friendship with others get globalized too.

Planet Portal has attracted many users by featuring News, Book Corner, Entertainment, Beauty & Fashion, Mobile, Forum, Dictionary, Horoscopes, P Cards, Mail, Movie Review, Music Portal, Post N’ Share, and etc.


7Day News Journal is a leading weekly Myanmar news publication, focused on political, business, economic and general news from Myanmar and the world.

Over its 17-year journey since it started on March 7, 2002, 7Day News Journal has continuously upgraded its look, quality of reporting, writing, collection of articles and featured news, and we have gradually gained a steady increase of loyal readership across the country. Today, our prominent brand and growing circulation show our commitment to be the leader of the news journal industry.

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Myanmar People Magazine is all about THE people: people whom all of us love to know more about! For us, people we love include those who always make the news and headlines, set fashion trends, shape the world of music, lms and art, and above all people who inspire us to enhance our lives and others around us.[...]

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Internal Information System is a system that allows easy to exchange information and files quickly without having to think about office distances. The system includes an Internet e-mail system for all employees. Each employee can record notes, tasks and reports. In the system, the system user can publish easily news, announcement, and internal rules & regulations to save time. Attaching file/documents is also easy to be done. Our IIS's features are:

  1. Online Report
  2. eMail - Intranet
  3. Forums
  4. News
  5. Phone Directory


Ebis is a type of database management system to store and manage employee bio data information including personal information, education, family, education background, attendance (link with finger print system), training, leave, overtime, rewards, punishment, transfer, and payroll, etc.

Ebis is a kind of web-based system so the system can be used everywhere at any time where it is available Internet services.


Document Exchange Management System is a system which allows creating reports & office letters, and minute sheets, managing turn down reports, viewing own reports, giving report instructions without changing the current format of office documents. DEMS is used by all levels from the position of Staff Officer Level to Minister Level and can store office documents in one place.

Ministry dotNet

An eGovernment application suite of IIS-Internal Information System, DEMS-Document Exchange & Management System, Ebis-Employee Bio-data Information System


WBTS is a very first online teaching learning system using the World Wide Web (WWW) in Myanmar for Diploma & Master Degree of Computer Science, Department of Computer Studies in University of Yangon. Students are able to learn the necessary lessons online, and can also upload assignments directly through online. Its main functions:

  1. Learning courses of computer science through online
  2. Submitting of lessons, assignments, additional files and media by teachers and students
  3. Easy viewing and submitting of online materials
  4. Creation of online study-groups and knowledge-sharing
  5. Online testing and scoring


IELPS, Import Export License and Permit System (IELPS system) is developed for Ministry of Commerce which is online licensing system used across Myanmar with integrated with other software systems. IELPS system is connected with other systems such as BTOS software (installed in all the branches of licensing services operated in the border cities such as Muse, Myawaddy, TaMu, etc.) and the main server of IELPS is located in Naypyitaw.

The main server is directly accessed by IELPS applications in Yangon and Naypyitaw to produce (to print out) the approved license to traders. To integrate all the import/export license, IELPS Yangon and Naypyitaw are accessed by other software applications such as, OLSC (in Yangon and Naypyitaw), and BTOS systems for the purpose of data exchanging of the import/export licensing.


BTOS, Border Trade Online System is a system to operate import/export licensing services in the border cities (over 20 border cities) such Muse, Myawaddy, Tamu, Lasio and etc. All the licenses data at BTOS Software are integrated to IELPS system located in Nay Pyi Taw main server.

Trade Data Reporting System

A system which is developed for Ministry of Commerce for the purpose of sending reports of trading statistics data by Trade Offices, Ports, and Border Trade Stations in the whole country (Myanmar) through online. The system allows downloading necessary reports on weekly, monthly, yearly based on the requirements of Customs data.

TC Online System

It is developed for Ministry of Commerce. The Trade Council (TC) Online System has the system functions of online submitting of licenses that have been issued by the Export Import Supervising Committee (EISC) to the Trade Council. The licenses can be browsing and reviewing by licenses category and checking or making decisions the status of approval/rejection/suspension.

The system is customized to suit the needs of the Trade Council and enable speedy decision-making, reducing license-issuing time by 85%.

Online Procurement System

A system built for the procurement committee under the Department of Agriculture under the Ministry of Commerce. Its main features:

  1. Searchable and modifiable database regarding prices of different products
  2. Browsing and reviewing products by various categories.
  3. Allows decision on approval, suspension or rejection of purchase orders to be made instantly at a meeting
  4. Communicating decision back to relevant department
  5. Production of various reports

Price Database System

A system is for saving and retrieving the prices of import/export products under Directorate of Trade under Ministry of Commerce. Reports - the prices of import/export products can be retrieved by H.S. Code, Border Trade Stations, Currency, and Country of Origin.


Suboo means ‘piggy bank’ in Myanmar language. This portal actually makes it possible for its users to store and share their music, books, and photos and others. Members can also upload their information, write blogs, wiki, and participate in forums.

mySuboo was launched on August 31, 2007, on Blogger Day. Within first year of its launched date, there have been 2,000 active members on the site and there are about 10,000 visitors to the whole website per day.

This is by far the top site that achieved highest interest within the shortest time frame in Myanmar online history.

Container Yard Management System

ContainerThe system was developed for Myanma Port Authority, MPA. The system provided for assigning Containers to the respective Yard Plan, storing company information and containers’ information, searching for import/export/container information as required quickly and easily and printing it, and recording incoming/outgoing number of the ships.

eLibrary System

eLibrary System for Universities Central Library, University of Yangon is developed in 2008. This online library system has functions to upload digital book version (save as eBook document) converted from printed book in the library of Universities Central Library.


Weekly sport journal was published in 2008. Myanmar’s favorite games are football, football, and football. 7Day Sport Journal features a broad coverage of football news from premier league club matches to seasonal Cups from around the world. The schedules, reviews and results of local, regional and international matches are reported in the journal along with other sporting events.

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Fascinating Myanmar

Fascinating Myanmar Travel is a 100% local-owned travel agency based in Yangon. We cater our travel services to private individuals, groups and business delegations. We also manage incentive programs, conduct business meetings, source business contacts and organize domestic flight information, hotel information, and car information (as a package) on the Fascinating Myanmar website.

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7Day Press

Information Matrix published the nation’s leading journals and magazine. Moreover, it has also established a modern printing house named 7Day Press since 2010 offering the best quality printing for all commercial jobs. It is equipped with four-color printing machines for quality printing it reasonable prices.

Flyers, books, directories and every advertising material can be printed in a timely manner. We are committed to bringing our customers’ satisfaction and the desired quality.

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IM’s MICE unit, created to cater to the needs of our clients. IMX has organized several product launches, press conferences, trade shows, ICT exhibitions, education fairs, beauty contest events, conferences, ASEAN summit level events by connecting with social and business organizations as well as governments associations.

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Online Phone Billing System

Online Phone Billing System is an online payment system of telecommunication fees for post-paid GSM and CDMA Mobile phones by implementing co-operation with Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) and local private banks.

In this system, the user who opened account can enter to the system with their PIN code for Balance Checking and pay telephone bill through online via payment gateway to the local banks. The local private banks sends updated billing information to the Billing Department at MPT and the user can know billing process is success or not.

IM Express

IM Express is the delivery service unit of Information Matrix. We provide home-delivery services for our In-house publications, as well as additional services for our clients. Our well - trained and experienced teams will help the subscribers receive their valued publications accurately and timely.

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eTicketing System

It is developed for Myanma National Airlines. The system runs online and allows setting flight schedule, booking flight, checking booking status and making online payment. Then, flight ticket is printable as a soft/hard copy.

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iNote Sheet System

The iNotesheet system provides the functions of exchanging, archiving by file folders and searching Note-sheet documents and information that is used in the office. The functions of this system are mostly like e-mail functions which include inbox, compose, sent, drafts, and folders for each system user. It is a high-level computer system designed to allow you to manage your search time effectively.

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7DAY Daily Newspaper

7Day Daily, one of the best-selling newspapers in Myanmar started on 25 April 2013. It covered current general news, local and worldwide with 32 pages.

On every Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, there is special section of IT & Mobile, Life Style and Sports with in-depth stories, entertainment, and knowledge so on. 7Day Daily is going forward along with the motto “Insight, In Depth & Independence”

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Crossroads is a quarterly magazine published in collaboration with the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration under the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development.

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YUDE Online

An online learning environment using the WWW for Diploma degree in Law, Law Department, Yangon University of Distance Education. Its main functions:

  1. Learning courses of laws through online
  2. Submitting of lessons, assignments, additional files and media by teachers and students
  3. Easy viewing and submitting of online materials
  4. Creation of online study-groups and knowledge-sharing
  5. Online testing and scoring


System of National Account[...]

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